Piscataway, NJ
60,000 sqft
35,000 sqft

In an effort to respond to the increasing demands of the Metro New York area financial markets, Savvis required a rapid, phased build-out program for this facility. NOVA was contracted to provide a turn-key delivery in two phases within this multi-story building. NOVA designed and delivered Phase 1 in less than 9 months, allowing Savvis to immediately begin integrating customers while implementing a success-based program for the CapEx provisioning of Phase 2.

Further Project Data:

  • NOVA selected as Design/Build Construction Manager
  •  Developed Master Plan and Basis of Design for build-out in a Multi-Story building
  •  Developed phased approach totaling over 90,000 sqft of total Data Area
  •  Each phase was Designed, Built and Commissioned in under 9 Months.