“The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.”


~ Chuck Palahniuk
















Established in New York City in 1926, NOVA Mission Critical is one of the Industry’s leading Data Center Experts, specializing in helping Data Center experts build the impossible. Throughout North America, Europe and the Middle East, we have spent the past three decades focused only on building cathedrals that serve as the home for the cloud. In the past 20 years alone, we have designed, built and commissioned over 9 million square feet of Data Center space for some of the most innovative retail colocation, wholesale colocation and enterprise Data Center users in the world. Among that, much of it was delivered successfully in live Data Center environments with no interruption to services. We have honed our skills in this highly specialized critical facilities market to now become the Industry’s leading experts in Data Center Retrofits and Expansions.  
The fact that NOVA was among the first to reinvent themselves during the explosion of the mission critical vertical 30 years ago is a testament to the innovation and vision of our heritage. Being a visionary means that you are able to see things taking shape before others, which gave NOVA a “first mover’s advantage” into the mission critical space. The mold for NOVA during that time was honestly built around our family culture and relied heavily upon our raw energy and never ending passion for empowering our Clients to realize their own vision without limitations.
The success that NOVA was able to attain in the past 91 years would not have been achieved without absolute balance between discipline and clarity throughout the organizational culture. A company is nothing more than a collection of people. The quality of the people dictates the quality of the company. We have always hired extremely talented and motivated individuals, then gave them something to believe in and work toward (not work on) whichwas bigger than themselves. When people are motivated, the company is motivated. When people are inspired to build cathedrals as a home for the cloud, they naturally gravitate toward helping Clients feel more confident in their decision to move forward with us. When we all believe 100% in what we are doing, we all unsurprisingly radiate natural passion about what we are doing. This passion serves as our authenticity that sets us apart and allows us to build stronger relationships with our Clients. The stronger the relationship, the greater the trust the Client places in us, which ultimately establishes loyalty. This is our ethos, and this is our heritage.